MARCUS AURELIUS provides consultancy services of Enterprise & IT architecture and business analysis. We focus on business process modelling, process mining, IT architecture design and business automation.

Our main customers are Telecom companies (wireless, wireline, MVNO) in the domains of CRM, BSS/OSS: Vympelcom, Rostelecom, Megafone, Motiv.  We've also managed projects with e-government, telecom infrastructure companies, ministry of transport. Some of the projects are long-term, in which we are involved in the whole IT transformation project lifecycle; Others are the short-term, just for one of project phases. 

The typical IT transformation project begins with the preliminary business analysis stage, when there is a need to analyse and describe the As-Is IT architecture and business processes, to identify the automation and optimization opportunities, specify the business value. This stage includes also modelling of To-Be business processes, reflecting upcoming business requirements. Following this business analysis stage, the requirement specification and scoping with vendors commence. This scoping stage requires refinement of business processes to reflect the vendor's solutions and their tracing to business requirements. During the development and deployment stages the business processes have to be detailed; Finally, the end-2-end acceptance scenarios can be designed along with the role-based user instructions. 

Not always the vendors' or Customers' organization have the required experts and capacity to support these activities. Here we propose our MARCUS AURELIUS services. The list of our services can be found on our SERVICES page.

The special about business analysis is that it requires unique combination of communication and technical skills, experience in Telecom and knowledge of methodologies, ability to manage with lack of task definition and information, ability to match the high-level business goals with technical possibilities in order to make an assessment of the most preferable solution.

We are the team of solution architects and business analysts, having years of experience and proof of such expertise. Our mission is to ensure ongoing communication and alignment between the business and the technical teams in the digital transformation projects.   

To be effective and lean we set-up dynamic work teams for each project, so we assign just the right experts per each business case and project stage. The engagement mode can also vary from the turn-key project execution to joining the Customer's / Vendor's teams.

Our experts certifications:

  • PMP
  • TM Forum Frameworx (ETOM, SID)
  • ArchiMate, BPMN, Aris EPC
  • CRM and Customer Experience Management

Our tools:

  • QPR Enterprise Architect is a tool for modelling the architecture and processes repository;
  • QPR Process Analyser is a tool for process mining and optimization.
    MARCUS AURELIUS is the QPR partner in Russia since 2013.

We have a tailored approach in every project to adopt the methodologies to the specific customer needs and constraints.

Our aim is to bring value and achieve long-term partnership with our Customers and Partners. We know the Russian market and willingly assist companies to deliver their products in Russia. We also look for opportunities to join the international projects, where our English-speaking experts can share their experience and work world-wide.