«Создай себе досуг, чтобы научиться чему-нибудь хорошему и перестать блуждать без цели.»

About "Marcus Aurelius" company

“Marcus Aurelius” is a team of professionals, providing consulting services in Enterprise & IT architecture. Our key expertise is business analysis, process mining, operational performance and business automation. We are expirienced in methodologies and approaches to business process analysis and design and know how to adopt them to each use case.

Our main Customers are Telecom companies (cable, wireless, fix-line, OTT, MVNO). During the last few years we also executed projects for e-government, Telecom infrastructure companies, Ministry of Transport. Some of the projects are long-term, so we are involved in the whole architecture transformation lifecycle - from scoping through launch; Others are smaller and localized to just build an IT architecture repository or analyse and propose "to-be" business processes or implement the process mining for certain cases. 

In all our projects we strongly adhere to our main business principles:

  • Tailored approach to customer needs
  • Delivering only high quality and well documented results
  • Post-project support and long term relationships with our customers

Every project has a stage when there is a need to analyse and describe the "As-is" IT architecture and processes in a structured way, find the optimisation options and run the scoping process with the vendors, SI technical experts and key business people to agree upon requirements and solution. Not always the vendor or Customer organization have the required experts to support these activities. Here we propose our "Marcus Aurelius" services. We are the team of solution architects and business analysts, that can work as a team or as individual contributors. 

The list of our services can be found in the our SERVICES section. Some highlights of those: 

  • Processes unification for large companies with multi-affiliate landscape
  • Process optimization for companies with complex business and IT landscape
  • Process mining to visualize the company processes and analyse the deviations, ineffectiveness and vectors of improvement
  • Processes automation: from manual processes to system-driven flows
  • AS-IS and TO-BE Business processes design and documentation
  • Design of IT architecture and integrations
  • Business requirements management and ongoing backlog prioritization
  • Design CRM & Billing solutions based on software vendors capabilities and business needs
  • Training and on-going support for architecture lifecycle management and process design
  • Implement QPR Enterprise Architect and Process Analyser for the specific company needs
  • Design and support for business continuity and data migration during transformation periods
  • Support Customers (managers as well as end-users) in launch of new software platforms and processes, e.g. CRM, Billing, Network Inventory

The catalogue of our services and offers is much wider and we are ready to discuss it in detail and tailor to customer needs.

By nature of business analysis we know to work without well-defined scope and requirements, to collaborate with the people with different business and technical background. Therefore, we bring into each project our knowledge and our vision of:

  • Problem analysis, including root cause analysis and identification of main risks;
  • Proposed solutions, including assessment of the most preferable (the most cost-effective or the most productive);
  • Plan of work and further actions.

To be effective and lean we set-up dynamic work teams for each project, so we assign just the right experts per each business case and project stage.

Our experts are certified is the following methodologies and frameworks: PMP, TM Forum Frameworx (ETOM, SID), ArchiMate, BPMN, Aris EPC, CRM and Customer Experience Management.

One of our major instruments is QPR software: QPR Enterprise Architect is a tool for modelling the architecture and processes repository; QPR Process Analyser is a tool for process mining and optimization. We are QPR partners in Russia since 2013.

Our aim is to bring value and achieve long-term partnership with our Customers and with our Partners. We know the Russian market and willingly assist companies to deliver their products in Russia. We also look for opportunitis to join the international projects, where our English-speaking experts can share their experience and work world-wide.