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About "Marcus Aurelius" company

Marcus Aurelius is a team of experienced experts, providing consulting services in enterprise & IT architecture, business analysis, process improvement and operational performance, system-oriented design and business automation.

Our domains of expertize are Telecom (cable, wireless, fix-line, OTT, MVNO), e-government and other businesses with high process automation. We serve big companies such as Russian Teir-1 Operators as well as small start-up MVNOs. We know Russian market, Russian customers and culture.

In all our projects we strongly adhere to our main business principles:

  • Tailored approach to customer needs
  • Delivering only high quality results
  • Post-project support and long term relationships with our customers

One of the secret of our success is in dynamic work teams: for each project we select and assign just the right experts to ensure the efficient work and high quality results. To be succesfull in project team staffing, we use our wide professional network and involve the right knowledge and hight quality expertise required in each specific business case.

We have a variety of short-term and long-term projects. The list of our services can be found in the our SERVICE section. However, these are just highlights of what weve considered as mostly important at the market today: 

  • Processes unification for large companies with multi-affiliate landscape
  • Process optimization for companies with complex business and IT landscape
  • Processes automation: from manual processes to system-driven flows
  • AS-IS and TO-BE Business processes design and documentation
  • Design of IT architecture and integrations
  • Business requirements and ongoing backlog prioritization
  • Customer-oriented Billing & CRM solutions based on software vendors capability
  • Training and on-going support
  • Support for business continuity and data migration during transformation periods
  • Support Customers (managers as well as end-users) in launch of new software platforms and processes, e.g. CRM, Billing, Network Inventory

The actual catalog of our services and offers is much wider, and we are ready to discuss it in detail and tailor to our customer needs.


Our experts have experience and certification is the following methodologies and frameworks: PMP, TM Forum Frameworx (ETOM, SID), Archimate, BPMN, Aris EPC, CRM and Customer Experience Management.


Our aim is to bring benefits to your business. So, on top of the agreed scope of work, we always look wider and provide free extra advice like:

  • Impact analysis of business strategy on processes and activities in organizations daily life.
  • Analysis of companys financial capacities to support new initiatives or conduct business efficiently.
  • Impact of all initiatives to end-users satisfaction and ability to support long term relationships with Customer.
  • Focus on quality of products/services of an Enterprise, as a factor of its competitiveness.

In any case you can be sure that our professional approach guarantees to you:

  • full analysis of your problem, including root cause analysis and identification of main risks;
  • proposing various solutions, including assessment of the most preferable (the most cost-effective or the most productive);
  • providing you with a plan of work and further actions.